The Rotary Clubs of Springfield and West Springfield, VA, concerned about the high rates of cases of human trafficking around our communities, have decided to join forces to create an awareness program in middle and high schools and the second largest community college in Northern Virginia, “NOVA”. The aim of this project is to provide awareness education to students and their communities about the realities and threats of human trafficking by providing educational materials in interactive and engaging formats. This project will start by targeting 50 public schools and the Northern Virginia Community College; reaching approximately 150,000 people in the Northern Virginia community and will aid in the prevention of human trafficking which is afflicting our teen and young adult populations.

HTI Justification:

Human trafficking continues to plague all parts of the globe to include the United States. Traffickers disrupt peaceful families and communities by targeting and exploiting their children and trapping them in a world of exploitation. Human trafficking is also a mechanism that support insurgent groups such as terrorist cells and domestic gangs providing a funding source for their destructive activities.

HTI Goals:

To develop age appropriate media educational materials to be used by teachers and instructors of fifty (50) middle, high and college level schools as well as community leaders

To support the educational community by providing training to students, parents, community leaders and instructors of 50 middle and high schools as well as 6 campuses of one of the largest community colleges in the Region, increase awareness through education in the prevention of human trafficking.

To support economic and community development by eliminating illicit economic markets that are a drain to the overall economy and ensuring that youth will be given the opportunity to flourish and enter the workforce as contributing members of the community. This goal will be achieved by training community leaders and business owners on how to combat human trafficking.

At the 2017 Rotary International Convention in Atlanta, GA, USA, 300 domestic and 9 international Rotary Clubs signed on to participate with our two Rotary Clubs.